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drawings from life drawing class – additional to OCA course

Life Drawing: Sketches and studies 11/26/15 (selection)

Today drawing with acryl and gouache – a painterly approach

Burlesque – some inspiration from Toulouse Lautrec

… and considering my personal project for part5: ambiguity and disguise, playing with positive and negative space, focusing on contrast.
… with limited color palette, quite a relief not to think too much about color matches.

Our instructor (Michael Streun) gave us some notes, guide to consider. I’ve found them spot on related to my personal project.

Goal: Try to be non analytical and spontaneous. It is most successful when you do not want make beautiful and good pictures.

Dissolution of form – paint / draw fuzzy, vague


  • sharp painted edges are an assertion (that you constantly need to prove, one is in need of proof of correctness – proportions etc.) 
  • paint out of focus is a question. One has nothing to prove. 

I paint what I know sharp. What I don’t know (want to know, can) I paint out of focus, fuzzy. May be both in the same picture. One of the most emotional, most meaningful contrasts can be sharp – focus, especially in figurative art. 


Overall this session did make me think more about drawing with wet media and brushes, looser approach. How can or should I incorporate dry media? Fuse dry and wet together (as done previously with white gouache)? How to push further the ideas?


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