Part two – Assignment 2: Self Evaluation

How did I do against the assessment criteria?

  • Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills
    I applied my learnings from the previous exercises for this assignment. Especially the usage of line and tone, color washes, ‘negative’ drawing with frisket pen, collage technique with transfer paper etc. Going through several steps of observation from life animals and their environment, I used my sketches for further studies and the final drawing. I played with several compositional set ups, understandin that life animals can not be moved around as I could do with s still life set up.
  • Quality of Outcome
    I started with my chosen subject from a few ideas (dominant sheep, moving towards the viewer, proximity and ‘near grasp’ visual effect). Based on these ideas and the context of a natural environment in the field, I played with various techniques and materials as well as compositions till I found the one that conveys my idea most strongly. My learnings from this course so far helped me really to get along and in a constant way to achieve the final result.
  • Demonstration of Creativity
    I already worked in a couple of different exercises on the sheep subject as well as on certain materials and methods (project 3 – 6). For this assignment and to get to a more convincing picture I used several good learnings:  e.g use of frisket pen, use of transfer paper collage, color washes, texturization of surfaces. I believe that I successfully combined the most suitable elements together to achieve a new creative way of drawing.
  • Context
    Over the time of this course I contextualized several Contemporary artists and taken my leanings from their used materials and methods. I took further inspiration and learnings from some further reasearch.  I wanted to understand better combinations of charcoal and watercolor as well as ink and transfer paper. For this assignment I was really glad to have my learning log (especially the one on paper) at hand to review my previous learnings and challenges.  Although I was a bit unsatisfied at the end of the animal project (see my reflection there). I didn’t stop there, took the challenge and my learning log helped me to get a new and fresh view on my subject.


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