Reflection on feedback assignment 2

I do thank my tutor greatly for his feedback on my assignment 2. It took quite a while to digest his remarks. Some of them I should not have been surprized of and others that pushed me harder. After some days I can really work on it. I decided to continue with part three, project 1 to get fresh air and time to reflect myself.

It was very pleasant for me to see that my sketchbooks and learning logs are my strenghts and I feel encouraged to continue the fresh and experimental way I do. I got the highest assessment potential for that.

On the other hand and as I discovered partly for myself during part two and especially project 5, my troubles are with upscaling my initial thoughts and ideas. This came across clear with my assignment piece.  My exercise and assignment were not so successful and I did not get a good assessment potential back. More for me to work harder. Somehow project 1 Ex2 came across as one of my strongest pieces regarding mark marking, bold approach, and decisions on negattive space.

Overall, I will take more time and work on the following skills:

  • Observational skills (composition, accuracy of underlying forms, context, light direction, usage of color)
  • Focus on negative space 
  • Exploring surfaces and textures and deeper consideration of the drawing materials
  • Upscaling: selection of appropriate surface (strong enough that I can work into the surface?), materials (larger brushes or work harder into the material?), my physical approach (working on  floor, table ro against a wall?)

 Further points for me to consider till next assignment is to build on my strength (sketchbooks) and allow more time for larger scale works:

  • Working on a better quality paper; thicker and tougher (card, watercolor paper)
  • Priming a surface to create new textures (with gesso or emulsion paint) that can be worked off  with charcoal, inks or pastels
  • Consider my sketchbook studies for the use of collage and/or using wax resist in my larger pieces.

I decided therefore to rework assignment 2 piece and rework some exercises to challenge me more. I will ask my tutor for his feedback on this and before the next assignment I will check with him whether I am on track.
Here the links to the reworked pieces:

My tutor suggested a few contemporary artists for deeper research on usage of charcoal (Jim Dine), tone and control (Richard Diebenkorn), and landscape in ink and charcoal (Katie Downie).

  2 comments for “Reflection on feedback assignment 2

  1. K
    April 14, 2015 at 9:36 pm

    Hi Stefan
    First of all I think suggesting your final assessment may not be successful is a bit harsh. Now I don’t know what he said precisely and sure, we all have our weak points, but I’ve seen really poor learning logs/low quality, “lazy” work with successful final assessments. The amount of work you put into this course as well as writing the log is impressive and obviously it leads to progress. As we know it’s not a physical course so we normally don’t get feedback on each exercise – perhaps working slower and requesting feedback from your tutor every few weeks would work in your case, or perhaps your tutor could keep checking your log and provide feedback from time to time? This would be better than suggesting you’re not going to succeed. Glad to see you didn’t give up and feel even more encouraged!

    • Stefan
      April 15, 2015 at 3:42 pm

      Hi Klaudia, thanks for your nice words 🙂 Indeed are my learning log and my sketchbooks up to the highest level. My exercises and assignment work just do not impress. Yes, I take your advise to get in-between feedback from my tutor. I guess I just waited to long till the assignment – learnings. For sure I will ask his fedback on my reworks. Hope you are enjoying the course, I could see some great experiments on your log.

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