Part Two – Assignment 2 – Rework

This is my reworked assignment piece from part two

My assignment 2 piece did not impress so much. After reflecting more on my drawing and considering my tutor’s feedback, there were the following issues with it:
– Composition and context: distorted relationship and perspective of the main sheep, not convincing visual depth
– Color: not clear why I used certain colors, like a green on the sheep
– Medium: I used ink and pen and did not consider enough upscaling issues (too thin marks for scale)
– Mark making and tone: not very clear light direction visible from the drawing

I was thinking about doing an exact rework of my assignment piece or to make a bit different composition. At the end I decided for the different one, because of the issues with composition and visual depth- My initial assignment piece was a rather combined composition of different studies, not what I really observed in the field. I think this was one of the reasons for the issues. Now I could go back to the field, taking even a photo to study deeper a really scene and composition. I worked in my sketchbook with different compositions, formats, sight lines etc.

Stefan513593 - part 2 - assignment 2 - rework - composition

Stefan513593 – part 2 – assignment 2 – rework – composition

At the end I decided for a horizontal format with a few main composition lines:
– a main diagonal line from right bottom to left top
– a perspective line from left bottom along the field towards a sheep in the distant (what makes this small sheep a kind of eye focus area in the distant in contrast to the bigger sheep in the foreground)

As support I decided for a thick mat in A1 format, primed with gesso first as I liked the by that obtained texture for the following charcoal drawing and the wax resist patterns.

Stefan513593 - part 2 - assignment 2 - rework

Stefan513593 – part 2 – assignment 2 – rework

Here are some closeups showing different textures, patterns, expressive versus accurate marks.

Stefan513593 - part 2 - assignment 2 - rework - closeups

Stefan513593 – part 2 – assignment 2 – rework – closeups

Work in progress, showing how I started with wax resist technique in the negative space, continued with charcoal drawings of the sheep and the trailer, and continued with placing shapes and marks for enhancing visual depth. I used selectively color, only a few to indicate main characteristics of the areas: brown for mud spots on the trailer, ochre for the tone of the sheep especially head and legs (special species in my neighborhood), green to indicate grass grow on the field, yellow and ochre for the receding fields.

Stefan513593 - part 2 - assignment 2 - rework - progress

Stefan513593 – part 2 – assignment 2 – rework – progress

With the sketchbook studies available from previous exercises and the initial assignment 2, I did further studies to investigate deeper the usage of charcoal, wax resist technique  and oil pastels. At the end I decided to charcoal drawing for the main objects (sheep, trailer) and wax resist technique (white and light grey oil pastel with watercolor wash) for the negative space.

Stefan513593 - part 2 - assignment 2 - rework - sketchbook

Stefan513593 – part 2 – assignment 2 – rework – sketchbook



  • To rework some pieces helps to get clearer on my drawing method (composition, materials etc.)
  • At this time I thought more about how I want to upscale (medium, method, support). This learning will be very helpful for me for the future.
  • The reworked assignment piece made me think more about accuracy and expressiveness. To focus on form and relationships first made me stronger it loosing up towards to end.
  • To clarify certain aspects with my tutor during the course and better before an assignment really helped me to push me further.
  • Visual depth can be easily enforced by dimension of objects placed in the background.

Next time:
– Thinking about upfront on fixative or other materials do influence the drawing as such or the visual effects. Here better to place the drawing horizontal and not vertical to avoid dripping of the fixative.
– Studying further a combined watercolor / charcoal approach to see how I can modulate its different characteristics to achieve certain visual effect.
– To think more about how to add further marks on a wax resist base. For the time being only oil pastels works, but here I get into the issue with the boldness of the marks if I want to get thinner marks for the far distant areas in a composition (see top right area of the drawing)


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