Project Four – Exercise 1: Parallel perspective – an interior view

For this exercise I decided to search for some ‘doorways’ in the town in Switzerland I was visiting. I got attracted by the view inside the train station and a second scene of a tunnel under the railways. Therefore I decided to do my studies here. I checked the drawings later back at home.

Eye level: as the ‘doorways’ were a bit un-straight with a downwards slope it was not so easy to estimate my eye level. What helped was the indication of some receding lines towards the wall (#1) and the staircase (#2).

Checking my drawing: I added in blue pencil the horizontal eye level and the observed receding lines. In red pencil I added in #1 the adjusted perspective lines towards the vanishing point.

#1 Train Station – inside viewpoint:

Stefan513593 - project 4 - exercise 1 - #1

Stefan513593 – project 4 – exercise 1 – #1

Here the receding lines were quite manifold: upwards and downwards lines. Additionally there were the posters on the wall with the smaller edges receding as well.  Overall, I think I placed the parallel lines not too far away from the vanishing point. At the end I marked the corrected perspective lines and found that my vanishing point was actually a bit higher and a bit more to the left.

#2 Underground tunnel – looking through viewpoint:

Stefan513593 - project 4 - exercise 1 - #2

Stefan513593 – project 4 – exercise 1 – #2

In this study #2 the walls and a kind of wal frame helped me to get the receding lines better in place. After checking (in blue) I found that nearly all of them matched my eye level and the main vanishing point at the end of the tunnel. What was a bit off were the bricks at the top of the tunnel entry building an arc. I found them more difficult to draw as there were no receding parallel lines close by that I could use as a reference. Therefore I drew them more freely.

The tunnel had actually two vanishing points due to its special construction:  entry with a downward slope and a vanishing point somewhere in the middle of the tunnel, and the tunnel as such with parallel lines towards the main vanishing point at the stairs at the end.


  • Quite good and simple exercise to check my observation skills.
  • A ruler certainly would help for more accuracy, especially on a bit more distant objects (like the bricks in #2) or on more smaller repeating objects (like the wall posters in #1)
  • At times, drawing all those perspective lines reminded me more like an architectural drawing.
  • Additional slopes like in study #2 can make the construction a bit more complex. This need to be observed correctly in the first place.

Next time:
– Practice, practice. I think with a lot of doing such drawings the observed and drawn lines would match very well the perspective lines – even without a ruler.


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