Project Three – Composition – Additional large scale work

After the last exercises on project three I was not very happy with the results. On the one hand the large scale from exercise 1 where I felt I was not bold enough in my markings. Therefore I took the scene from outdoor exercise 2 and did a large scale work on A1 at home. I considered my learnings from my reflection on project 3.

Stefan513593 - project 3 - composition large scale

Stefan513593 – project 3 – composition large scale

For this work I went to my painting studio  where I do have more space around me. Here I have a vertical wall with a plywood attached to it, where I pinned a large scale paper of 300g/sqm (100x70cm) to it and tapping out a roughy A1 format – horizontal.

Starting in charcoal to bring the composition to the paper and continuing with painting medium: Gouache and a large brush (2″) to map out the main tonal areas in black. I continued with gouache in white. With a bristle brush I worked out the grass pattern in the middle ground (black and white). I applied more markings with compressed charcoal. The gouache covered surface allowed me to make similar  markings as with a gesso primed surface (e.g. water reflections). For the final light markings in the foreground I chose white oil pastel, as white chalk did not give enough whiteness and was not bold enough on the surface. In the composition I added clouds for more drama.

At the end I am very pleased with the process and finally with my approach and markings. I feel that I am now more ready to continue with this course. The final result reminds me a bit of John Virtue and Alain Huck.

Stefan513593 - project 3 - composition large scale - progress

Stefan513593 – project 3 – composition large scale – progress


  • Place of work matters: more space around me (few meters) = bolder my strokes
  • Working process: gouache -> charcoal -> oil pastels works quite well
  • Working more with brushes (not only for the priming of the surface) gave me more ways for expression.
  • Charcoal allowed me to work closer to the surface (more intimate), brushes to work more distant to the paper.

Next time:
– Trying to include color
– Elaborating further my working process and surface – markings patterns
– Elaborate further drawing distance through different tools/media as an element in my work


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