Project Four – Exercise 2: Angular perspective

For this exercise I took a viewpoint at approx. roof level in the swiss town with the mountains in the background. I chose a A3 format and pencil and ink pen. With the pencil I marked all lines that I checked with my viewfinder (for distances). For the angles I used I a wooden stick that I put infront of my eyes on the scene and than moved to my paper without changing the angled position – than I drew the line. Starting with the angled roof at the front I measured the vertical and horizontal distances and continued further. This work of drawing lines and architectural accuracy too quite some time and I felt quite exhausted towards the end. However after setting the composition right I moved on with ink pen and a few washes. By that I put more focus against the more receding pencil marks which I kept for the background and surrounding items. At the end I added a few green watercolor washes for the greenery in the foreground. I put more attention on the building and less on the surrounding, curious to see how those more freely drawn lines work in perspective.

Stefan513593 - project 4 - exercise 2

Stefan513593 – project 4 – exercise 2

Back home I was ready for the great and final check. I knew that my eye level was a bit below the top roof of the first building – the roof sight lines moved downwards towards the horizon. With this settled I added in blue pencil the eye level and than the left as well the right receding parallel lines towards the respective vanishing points.

Stefan513593 - project 4 - exercise 2 - check

Stefan513593 – project 4 – exercise 2 – check

All parallel lines should meet on your eye level: Well most of them did. I had to adjust a bit the bottom edge of the front roof. I found that the railways did not match that well the vanishing point- to steep the angle. I take this as a drawback of my more free drawn marks in the surrounding space.

Overall I like my approach of pencil and ink pen drawing with a few washes for this exercise. That gave me some control on my drawn lines as well as some freedom to make it more interesting. To draw with so much accuracy lines and details still reminds me more of architectural drawing what I feel is not really my cup of tea.


  • I found it quite important to get the first shapes and lines right.
  • Practice and practice matters
  • It would be helpful to draw first some perspective lines and vanishing point

Next time:
– While drawing the scene I found that my drawing pad was more angled than my view on the scene. I tried to take this more upright but the back was too soft. So better to take a sturdy board with me and to tape the paper on it.
– I would draw some perspective lines first (e.g for the railways). However I need to rely on my observational skills for far away vanishing points. In this case I would see that the parallel lines are somehow moving towards each other (e.g for the front of the first building)
– For more accuracy make the building bigger.

additional check on pencil drawing of Sir Moorhead Bone:
– most of the parallel line merge into one vanishing point. There are some offs at the last building

Stefan513593  - project 4 - exercise 2 - check

Stefan513593 – project 4 – exercise 2 – check

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