Getting ready, but before …

Now I received the binder with course materials along with my student card. I am collecting the materials for the Drawing course, my studio is ready to go.

But before I really go,  I went through the Introduction to HE course, and now I am working on the small assignment ‘research trail’ to get my skills in reflective writing nicely shaped.

The introduction course is full of good information especially on learning cycle and reflective writing. Also I understand how to use the learning log for my own learning. I can see that I will come back to this material regularly when going through the drawing course. It will help me to surely to structure my work, to focus on key learning outcomes, and to reflect on myself, on my thoughts, on my feelings, and on my approach to work.

So I will now continue with the small assignment, and embark afterwards on the drawing course.

A comment on learning log: I will check how my tutor sees this, I’d rather do a combined approach. While reading the introduction course I took constant notes with marks and highlighted keywords, I doubt that I can do this as efficiently only in a blog. Also paper logging seems more expressive and intuitive.

notes on introduction course

notes on introduction course

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