Part Three – Assignment 3 – Self evaluation

How did I do against the assessment criteria?

  • Demonstration of technical and visual skills:
    Although I had an initial thought about my preferred medium (gouache and charcoal) I did further testing and found ink a better medium for my composition and the atmosphere of the location. I was able to get quite confident with my ink and brush technique. I watched careful for a perspective correct composition (linear and atmospheric perspective). For shaping my observational skills I did extensive sketches. Considering my tutor’s feedback on assignment 2, I did improvements on right choice of support (suitable for wet technique), considering working method (consciously decided to work on the floor), and more accuracy on underlying forms – starting with accurate and moving towards expressive mark making. Further I was careful to work on positive and negative space in relationship to each other.
    I worked out a composition that works in the context of relationship as well as correlating with my conceptual thoughts.
    In the process of working on this assignment I was more careful about usage of tools related to the scale. From pencils in the sketches up to small and larger brushes on my final drawing.
  • Quality of outcome:
    For the final drawing and after all preliminary studies I worked over 2 days to ensure accuracy of underlying forms, perspective, visual effect by often intermediate breaks and stepping back. My preliminary studies were extremely helpful here. I think I developed my thoughts and concept from initial studies on location, through compositional sketches to the final piece.
  • Demonstration of creativity:
    I experimented with various materials and even went for another medium as I’ve initially thought of. A combination of mixed media, contrasting textures and patterns, a composition aligned with my concept made the picture more appealing and interesting. Further I combined detailed and expressive marks to enhance the contrast of ideas (‘freshness’, ‘aged’). By that I could obtain a visual effect that mirrors the mystic atmosphere and the concept of ‘circle of time’. I kept the eye focused in the picture through more details in the focus points and more vague in receding and surrounding areas.
  • Context reflection:
    I contextualized my work with other art practitioners (George Shaw, Kate Downie, Peter Doig) and reflected on my own learnings throughout this drawing course. Certain learnings from previous exercises were quite helpful in order to get this drawing done. I re-thought my drawing medium in order to get a better fit to the atmosphere of the location.

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