Course outcome – a note to myself

At the end of this course I will be capable to demonstrate my drawing skills and my perceptive reflection skills.


  • I can demonstrate my drawing skills in various media
  • I will be able to represent three dimensions by drawing with line, tone and color.
  • I will be able to explain basic rules of linear perspective and other drawing systems and to demonstrate this through my drawings.
  • I will be able to reflect perceptively upon my learning experience through exercises, projects, critical researches and assignments.


I think that the wide range of drawing media will enable to express in differentiating way feelings, moods, and perceptual objects. I hope that at end of the course, I will be able to use different materials more specifically for purpose and to develop further my own visual language.

My drawing toolbox will be enriched with linear perspective and other drawing systems.

Also I will develop me self-evaluation and reflective writing skills. As well as improve my observational and awareness skills.

I think it is expected from me to be increasingly reflective and selective on visual language, artistic expression, technical skills, and critical thinking.


Stefan513593 – my expected learning outcome

I will return back to this regularly to check myself and to reflect critically how I perform with my learning experience.




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