Part One – Exercise 1: Temporary Drawings

First idea: Lawn marks

Walking through the garden in the afternoon, grass is still a humid. I tried to make marks through walking alone. My shoes leaving traces. I enjoyed this, but looking at the results and pictures, it was not that convincing. The marks are hard to see/read.

However, this first idea took me out of the regular drawing box. It was a quite temporary ‘drawing’. It reminded me of how human beings are leaving their marks in the nature. In this case a bit like animals, you cannot see but their traces on the ground. Best to see after snow fall

Stefan513593 - Temporary Drawings - Lawn

Stefan513593 – Temporary Drawings – Lawn


Second idea: Leaves

The same day as for the first idea, I was sweeping foliage in our garden. It nearly all came down from the trees. My thinking while doing this work was how to make more fun out of it. To enjoy the leaves before they are going onto the compost. So I took it, put them back on the ground and taking a rake to see how I can leave traces and marks. I moved around and created some structures, quite a bit of sculptural activity as well. The foliage was my drawing material and the lawn the picture plane.

Here I learned that I can leave marks and structures through shaping a negative space. It was not like drawing on a paper, not at all.

Stefan513593 - Temporary Drawings - Leaves

Stefan513593 – Temporary Drawings – Leaves

Third idea: Light and torch

This idea was mentioned in the course material and I was a bit uncertain how this will go. I just started to set up the scene in my studio, black curtain as a background, camera on tripod in front, setting to bulb mode. I took my smartphone with the torch function, a remote control for the camera in my other hand and got ready:

  1. Moving around, leaving light traces and hoping the camera will take some relevant pictures. Results were not too bad.
  2. Now I used the stroboscope function to see how this will look like. Quite different as the light traces on the picture are now separated, less uniform.
  3. Next I tried to see what will happen if I just use the front of the smartphone, perhaps with some colorful photos on the screen. Again, the results look different. More colors, some faded, less intense, less sharpen. But I felt those are more interactive, expressive.
  4. Next and last, I tried out different distances light to camera, different aperture values. So more technical adjustments.

Overall, I really enjoyed the playing around with light and the experience as such. What I learned is that light as a single spot can leave traces, lines, marks in a different was on the picture-plane, if the system/camera is set up to capture a time period and not only a snapshot, a moment.


These exercises were fun, playful, and a new experience for me. I learned that drawing is not only using pencil, ink of charcoal on paper, but can be more. To leave marks behind me. Sometimes the ‘drawing’ itself will be just discovered at the end in a new way, unexpectedly, surprisingly. Important for me is to get absorbed in the activity itself. It was a really out of the box experience. Now I am more curious about the next exercises. Ready to go.


Stefan513593 - Temporary Drawings - Light (1)

Stefan513593 – Temporary Drawings – Light (1)


Stefan513593 - Temporary Drawings - Light (2)

Stefan513593 – Temporary Drawings – Light (2)



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