Part 4 – Intermediate notes to myself

I feel that part 4 is taken more time, and on the other hand is such a fascinating topic. I think that several contextual researches are now coming together and building up to my approach to drawing. Nevertheless, the human figure and it structure is a complex subject. Quite a lot to learn and to experiment. So far I do enjoy this part greatly.

How am I doing against the improvement areas identified after assignment 3?

  • Scale: I started to use now an A3 sketchbook for certain exercises and some freer drawing. Here I feel that difference between my A5 and A4 sketchbook and my physical approach of it: A5/A4 are more intimate, A3 is wider and I can keep more distant. A good choice for me to work better towards larger scale and to keep freshness and a certain degree of ambiguity.
  • Colour: I deliberately moved away from a wide range of colors (oil pastels, gouache etc.) and limited myself to rather dry media with limited color (black, white, grey, sepia). I am enjoying to work more in charcoal, Conté crayons, and a combination of controlled white gouache. I still have to see how to manage ink.
  • Contextualization:  I deliberately took more time on my visual researches (see my works after Emma Stibbon, and  Frank Auerbach) and made drawings in the context of their usage of media and markings. I felt that this really helped me to dig deeper and to understand better different approaches through going through this additional exercises. Contextual drawings on Michael Borremans still to come.


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