Part 4 – Assignment 4 – Self evaluation

How did I do against the assessment criteria?

Demonstration of technical and visual skills:

  • Based on received tutor’s feedback I previous assignment I revisited my usage of media and my drawing approach. I limited myself to rather dry media (charcoal, Conté crayon, graphite) and used wet media (ink, paint, watercolor) rather to create distinct atmosphere or to prepare drawing surfaces. To improve my observational skills I did deeper studies of the human forms, enrolled in a life drawing class and used my sketchbook for on the spot quick sketches. I think I improved through deeper visual researches and making studies in the context of other artists my drawing approaches and learned the used media more on depth. Also I felt I was more aware of the visual effects created by my studies. I was careful to use more contrast in my markings (strokes, tone). I developed further my compositional skills through focusing on key areas, leaving part of the figure ‘cut-off’ in order to create a more intimate and engaging drawing.

Quality of outcome:

  • I embraced my tutor’s feedback to improve my skills, to focus my approaches and to master used media better. I took my own learnings from previous assignment and exercises to elaborate on them I the following steps. Through a more focused approach and embedding deeper contextualized works from others I was able to learn more about my own approach and what I want to see. I continued to look from different angles and to see how besides observed forms I could include emotions (of my models and of myself) into my works. I tried to be clear as much on this and to show it through my work. The advantage of working figurative and with models/sitters was that I could ask how they feel and what they think during posing. By that I could close the loop by showing them my drawings and to ask there reaction on it. Also to see whether I incorporate not only likeliness but also expression and mood. I am happy that I was able to capture this more than one time.

Demonstration of creativity:

  • Perhaps through my own limitation on certain media – what I truly enjoyed – I did do so much experimentation with media than in previous parts of the course. I did experiment more with my ideas and my approches. I did more contextual drawings to learn more about mark makings from others. But I didn’t stop there I also tried to combine various elements and markings into my own approach. Looking back over the time of this course I would say that I learned for this assignment most about myself and my drawing approaches. I feel that my key drawings re showing a certain quality that I did missed in previous assignments. For the first time I have to say that I feel truly connected with my works. Whether this is part of my way forward and my own personal voice need to be seen and perhaps strengthened through various subjects. Figurative drawing is one key subject as it allowed my to communicate emotions and mood of people (models, sitters) in such a way that I could involve them in the evaluation.

Context reflection:

  • It took a while till I could reflect deeply on feedback after the last assignment. I was happy that I did the additional work on my tutor’s suggestion in the context of Brooks Salzwedel. Besides the more general research points on a theme (figurative drawing, self portrait) I enjoyed more my deeper research on those artists of whom I felt emotionally connected to. I learned how valuable it is to see originals in an exhibition (see Frank Auerbach) compared to online or books only. Studying a few works helped me to understood the approach they took. By doing sketches or studies (at the exhibition or at home) even went further and I could feel their approaches physically. I used my learnings from the exercises to reflect myself. For the assignment pieces I even used some of my works in the context with other artists to see what I achieved so far and what I could do more. Seeing those together was so beneficial

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