Reflection on assignment 4 – tutor feedback

Happiness 🙂

My engagement and enthusiasm during part 4 was recognised as well as my different and more confident drawing approach. I showed a ‘good understanding of material, support, proportions and tone to convey form and space’. My earlier challenges with the chosen support were overcome.

Overall my tutor acknowledges that I have the potential to succeed the assessment. I’ve sent additional exercises with my assignment so that my tutor could see better my development.

My sketchbooks came across again as my strong point: ‘recording ideas, observing, experimenting, fusing materials’.

My portraits came across as very strong ‘showing my real confidence and understanding for materials and what drawing can be’.

My contextual researches, integration in my work and the using of me learning (b)log was considered as appropriate.

Individual strong points and points to think about:

  • Portrait:
    • +: ‘dynamic and expressive with fusing line and tone‘, ‘suggestive (left shoulder) as well as moving to more detail (nose, mouth)
    • -:  using of collage: My added collage items from my context research not convincing enough. Collage should be ‘explicit as collage’ or be ‘more intrinsic to the work’ or just leave it

=> Actually I didn’t look so much at collage as such, but rather to embed the process of contextual research into my drawing. This might by one aspect for me to consider deeper while I continue with my personal project.

  • Reclining figure:
    • +: ‘preparation and tone of support to create atmosphere’, joining color of ground with figure
    • -: ‘figure needed more space’, proportions for arms and hands a bit off, some of my ‘preparation studies were considered as more dynamic’
      Reflection_More dynamic and a visual stronger orange ground
      Questions that raise: Choice of composition? Format change?
      => I have to admit that reflecting now on those questions they didn’t come up so clear while I worked on this piece. My intention was to capture the weight of the figure, her tiredness, and her. If I would re-due this I would go for the first mentioned sketch with the more dramatic viewpoint emphasises the heavy weight of the lower body best. By that it links better to the ‘figure in line’ drawing (same model, sequential posing).


  • Seated figure:
    • +: ‘Good idea of leaving a white area behind the head
    • -: ‘Contrast not distinct enough‘, could be forced more. Here my tutor referred to another of my preparation sketches:
      Reflection_More dynamic and a visual stronger orange ground_Page_2

=> I worked on the bold contrasting element of dark heavy at the bottom and light at the top. Because of this idea I changed the initial charcoal drawing of the face to a lighter graphite drawing. But I can see that I could have pushed this idea much further, as my preparation sketch already indicated.

  • Comment on one of my exercises: Reclining figure reading from ‘Three figure drawings‘:
    • +: Strong and coherent piece with ‘atmosphere, good proportions, and perspective space‘ – especially supported by the left arm 🙂


I am very happy of the feedback received, encouraging my way forward, working on my new confident approach of drawing. I agree that this was achieved based on ‘my constant engagement and reflection and contextualisation of my thoughts’. I take the point for further improvement serious that some of preparatory studies show at times more dynamic and conveying stronger my ideas.

I feel strong and full of enthusiasm for the following part – my personal project. I think I will build on figure drawing, portraits and see with more reflection of my previous assignments and learnings how far I will go.

Meanwhile I had a skype talk with my tutor and I could learn more of his personal insights and advises. I am very glad for that.

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