Part 5: Visual research (2) – Context of my subject

For my personal project I will refer especially to the following mostly contemporary artists and concepts. For reference see also my Visual Research (1) – Schaffeld 10 Nov 2015, see post.

  • Emma Stibbon (b. 1962) ‘Hverir’, 2012 and other works. [Online image] Available from: [accessed 12 Oct2015]
  • Claude Heath (b.1964) => for his gestural drawings
  • Tatiana Trouve (b.1968) => for her drawings that explore the space
  • Jasper Johns (b.1930) ‘From Untitled painting’, 1964-5 in: Padgett (2015)
    => for his drawing crossing edges. Also in the context of D. Harty idea n delineation and background (in: Sawdon, Marshall (2015)

Further I researched the following artists that brought me closer to nature and human presence relationship.

Arte Povera:

=> Originated in Italy as a contrasting formation against American expressionism and the European Informel. Mostly known for the usage of daily, natural materials (like trees, branches) the group of artist were trying to articulate the relationship between nature and human presence.

From those artists from Arte Povera I take away for my project the different approach how to tackle the relationship between nature and human presence. I like the physically approach and bodily awareness of Penone in his works. For me to think how I could leverage this with my more phenomenological approach of bodily awareness with site experience and re-called sensations as I’ve researched from D. Harty, Ph. Sawdon (2012).

  • Nigel Henderson (1917 – 1985):
    – ‘Collage‘, 1949
    [Online image] London: Tate. Available from: [accessed 15 Dec 2015]
    => juxtaposition, use of glass, gouache, scratching, coffee grounds => visual effect reminds me of the calcite markings in pebbles
  • Marcel Duchamp ‘Large Glass’, 1912-1923 (Turnham, 1972)
    => an installation with art on large window glasse to look at and to look through. Idea of shiny surface, concealed and visible information.
  • Alfred Reth (1884 – 1966) ‘Untitled’, 1952 [Online image] Available from: [accessed 12 Dec 2015]
    => image of pebbles, rather in style of cubism, what I take away here are the depictions of textural properties.

As some ideas on composition I possibly will take reference to (reference in: Schaffeld, 10 Nov 1015)

  • Nigel Henderson (1917 – 1985) ‘Head of a Man‘, 1956
  • Sam Vernon  (b.?)How Ghosts sleep: Seattle’ 2015
  • Lucian Freud (1922 – 2011) ‘Self portrait‘, 1956
  • Juul Kraijer (b.1970)Untitled‘ 1999



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