Part 5: Re-called sensations of site experience – Large scale

As further elaboration of my previous re-called sensational drawings (Schaffeld, weblog post Dec 2015) I planned for larger scale drawings. I recorded my drawing process and my articulated thoughts alongside it on video-audio for my own reference.

Drawing #9:
  1. I started with a re-called sensation of touch and auditory in chalk, feeling the moment of drawing, the touch of the material, and my emotional and bodily response to it.
  2. With some cut-outs of tracing paper I added an additional layer by intention, the form of pebbles and to re-call touch sensations
  3. Continuing with my markings, the flow, the surface textures
  4. Visual perception, forms and images are built
Stefan513593 - part 5 - re-called site sensations - 9

Stefan513593 – part 5 – re-called site sensations – 9

Drawing #10:
  1. Applying a shellac solution to create atmosphere of ancient time.
  2. To avoid getting side tracked by compositional thoughts too soon, I rotated the paper (see remarks from Deborah Harty, 2012)
  3. Glueing tracing paper on top to enforce levels of experience and an raising awareness of edges and crossing boarders. Like another world of the pebbles and me.
  4. Adding white pigment (dust, space, atmosphere) and building forms, images of pebbles (indicative)
  5. Tearing-off (dé-collage) part of the tracing paper, experiement how a window opens and keeping it.


Stefan513593 - part 5 - re-called site sensations - 10

Stefan513593 – part 5 – re-called site sensations – 10


  • Especially the second drawing #10 brought me to a new area and experience of drawing. Expressive, abstract, with bodily and physical awareness. I used collage and de-collage techniques to a meaningful and integrative way. With this learning I will continue with my assignment work.


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