Part 5: Sketchbook 5 – Bodily and visual awareness of markings

In preparation of my final drawings for this assignment, I am doing a few sketchbook studies on markings.

Goal for this: To feel with strong bodily awareness the tactile sensations of making various markings.

Stefan513593 - part5 - sketchbook markings 1-6

Stefan513593 – part5 – sketchbook markings 1-6

Stefan513593 - part5 - sketchbook markings 7-9

Stefan513593 – part5 – sketchbook markings 7-9



  • Touch & pressure: a light hovering over the surface makes me feel stronger the irregularities
  • Speed: my markings do change if I make them fast or slow
  • Disruption: being interrupted by external factors (e.g. someone is talking to me) leaves light traces
  • Repetition: repetitive marking especially parallel markings lends to stronger attentive awareness (meditative) – reminds me of Agnes Martin
  • Distance: holding the pencil at the end makes the markings less controllable
  • Delineation: crossing drawn edges feels disruptive in the moment (concept?)

=> I will take those learnings from a very small scale up for my assignment drawings. Feeling the irregularities of the surface of the moment of drawing, re-calling sensation I experienced before, and combining those in pictorial image.

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