Assessment – Drawing 1 – Portfolio & Submission Guide

My Assessment submission guide is available as a pdf file here: Stefan513593_Drawing1_Assessment Submission Guide:

My overall evaluation: and as pdf file: Overall_evaluation_Stefan513593

An important part of my submission are my sketchbooks (see reference in my submission guide.

I submit one large scale assignment ‘Assignment 5 – My Personal Project (57 x 148 cm)’ work digitally.  It is not so much that the work is larger than A1. It should be considered as a combined work together with my video-audio recording which is an important part of the drawing process itself. The video is an edited version of the complete drawing process. I include a transcript of the full drawing process.

On the other hand I do submit physically the largest work ‘My Personal Project – Process drawing ‘Site Fall‘ (240 x 85 cm)’ Although much larger than A1, I do believe that this piece should be seen as an original. The drawing as such is a process drawing that captures the moment and traces over time. In contrast to my digital submitted work it is rather the tactile proximity and the visual markings of time-elapse that can be seen on the final drawing. In my weblog post for this work I did include images of the various stages of the making.

 My Portfolio for assessment

(for reasoning see my overall evaluation and above)

  1. Assignment 1 (A2)
    Link here:
  2. Part 2 – Project 1 Composition – Exercise 2 – Compositional study of natural objects (70 x 50 cm)
    Link here:
  3. Assignment 2 – reworked – (A1)
    Link here:
    Original assignment piece – link here:
  4. Part 3 – Project 3 – foreground, middle ground, background (A1)
    Link here:
  5. Part 4 – Project 4 Structure  – Exercise 2 Three figure drawings – Lounging (A2)
    Link here:
  6. Part 4 – Project 6 Face – Exercise 2 Your own face (53.5 x 38 cm)
    Link here:
  1. Assignment 4 – Portrait in line and tone (A1)
    Link here:
  2. Assignment 4 – Seated figure – edited (A1)
    Link here:
    Original assignment piece in weblog post
  3. ONLINE submission: Assignment 5 – My Personal Project (57 x 148 cm)
    Link here:
    – 1 Full image of drawing (jpg)
    – 1 Video ‘Making of’ (5:22 min)
    – 3 Close up views mages (jpg)
    – 1 Video transcript of full drawing process (pdf)
    Reasoning for digital submission of this work see above.StefanJSchaffeld-403
  4. Part 5 – My Personal Project – Surface drawing (70 x 50 cm)
    Link here: 
  5. Part 5 – My Personal Project – Process drawing ‘Site Fall‘ (240 x 85 cm)
    Link here:
    Reasoning for physical submission of this work see above.StefanJSchaffeld-408




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