Assessment – Drawing 1: Overall Evaluation

I started this course unit with curiosity and a strong will to learn a lot. In part 1 I learned how to use my sketchbooks and my learning log. From the beginning I enjoyed being experimental with a fresh approach and to discover new areas that I didn’t know before (see portfolio #1). However, I was not good with scaling up. My sketchbooks were always better than my large scale works. When I started to explore the surface and the materials in an expressive way I loosened up and my works became better (see portfolio #2). Especially part 2 was challenging. At times I was too illustrative and my observational skills were not accurate enough. I was struggling with expressiveness versus accuracy. For that reason, I reworked my assignment 2 piece based on my tutor’s feedback (see portfolio #3). I continued to be experimental, explored and interrogated inside my sketchbooks. Working intensively on my observational skills and managing better my drawing materials I felt intrigued by a combination of dry and wet material (charcoal and gouache). To restrict myself to a limited color palette helped me to stay focused on mark making and exploration of space (see portfolio #4). Nevertheless, I still had in mind the attitude of a ‘finished drawing’ – that eventually became deprived.

In part 4 – figurative drawing – I felt a new confidence and a new fresh drawing approach. I valued more my materials and my supports. I liked the preparation of my supports for texture and atmosphere (see portfolio #5). I interrogated more the space and building up forms with dry materials in a physical intense approach (see portfolio #6). I felt a stronger interaction between me, my materials and the support. My assignment pieces 4 were till then the most successful ones (see portfolio #7). My mark makings became expressive, loose and ambiguous. I continued with exploration of new materials and found the use of powder intriguing (see portfolio #8).

I still had issues with discerning decisions on what will work better or not. Making more drawings and studies helped me to overcome my inner barriers. When I started my personal project I was at the beginning quite into various ideas and concepts. Over time I arrived at a point that made me clearer how I want to proceed. Through contextualization of contemporary artists and the use of video-audio recording as a reflective medium I was able to explore with physical intensity my chosen subject (see portfolio #9).

Finishing the last part of this unit didn’t stop me to continued working on my personal project. I found that there is much more to explore. Eventually I became more aware of my own artistic endeavor and created some further works. (see portfolio #10). I started moving away from a two-dimensional surface to explore space in a multiple physical sense (see portfolio #11). I even looked shortly on how I can build on drawing in 3D – sculptural sense.


I already started my next course unit ‘Practice of Painting’. Looking back on what I achieved – I would have never dreamed of that huge learning curve for me – I felt quite connected with drawing in a contemporary way. As I am still on the painting degree I need to think about the drawing degree pathway as well. I am quite intrigued by using new approaches in reflection (recordings) and articulation (physical 3D space). This will not stop here and I am really looking forward to learning more.


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