Project One: Sketchbook – drawings in context of exercise ‘Feeling and expression’

Here some of my sketchbook drawings where I experienced with some ideas, on how to express in different media certain moods. I tried to see how it works for objects (still life) as well as for people (figurative). To express emotions with objects is not so easy, I will need to do more studies on that. On object #3 I experimented also with negative space in order to express a kind of loneliness.

Stefan51593  - Sketchbook - Objects

Stefan51593 – Sketchbook – Objects

I really like to work in scribbling manner (here ‘joyful manner’) and with black litho chalk for expressing moods of people (here ‘worn out’). Those two provides nice blacks, without being too illustrative.

Stefan51593  - Sketchbook - People

Stefan51593 – Sketchbook – People


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