Notes to myself – feedback from my tutor

I asked my tutor for intermediate feedback on my way of handling my learning log (paper and online in parallel). The way I am doing it is appropriate and I will continue that way. I received very constructive feedback that gave me further clarity and focus:
– Sketchbooks: include and label to relevant exercise or page (I already uploaded some of my sketchbook drawings)
– Research point: More focus on what is relevant. I am going to recheck my thoughts on a few artists and I will amend my learning log.
– Looking deeper into the marks of my own work. Changing the weight of the marks (thick, thin, bold, light) will express what? How does this influence depth, space, distances, atmosphere etc.? What differentiates for me a successful drawing from a less successful one? I will consider this with a more emotional touch in my reflections on my work. I will do some additional sketchbook drawings on the current topic as well. At the end what counts is my own voice that need to come through.

I am very glad to get this feedback from my tutor at this early stage of the drawing course.

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