Reflection on feedback assignment 1

My tutor suggested helpful ideas to improve my drawing skills as well as my observational and critical reflection abilities. Overall, it was good to see that I am on the right track with specific strenghts on my experimental approach, the usage of my learning log, and my contextual research.

Drawing skills:

I think here I need to work a bit more in depth especially considering a more interactive approach with drawing and erasing (working back and force to find the forms) and more focus on negative and positive space in parallel. What reminds me of sculpturing, carving in wood or building up a form. Further I could sharpen deeper my observational skills, to find the right markings and expression for a shape or form. Mastering a drawing tool thoroughly would enable me to control and modulate textures more accurate.


To use more in an experimental and reflective way to answer questions e.g. related to overworking a drawing, various line markings with different tools and highlighters/erasers, and perhaps staining a paper before starting to draw. A thorough reflection on my studies would help me to be more assertive in drawing at larger scale and also to discover new ways for expression.


Taken a critical view on my drawings, markings, and understanding the impact of those on expression. Reflection should help me to find a selective approach to my feelings and a conscious decision towards the markings I make. Based on that I will better understand the atmospherical, spacial and compositional relationship.

What I was not so aware of was to consider my own physical standpoint in my mark making. Whether I stand and draw up on a wall with the gravity force in place, stand and draw down on the floor with  bending my body, or sit and draw in front of me for more control. What does this do with me and my markings? I will think more about this in my future work, and even experiment with my ‘body language’

I am very glad for those suggestions as they would raise my own artistic awareness and will improve my drawing skills.

My tutor suggested a couple of contemporary artists to study especially on the usage of ink and pen and some other materials for creating depth and space. In the following weeks I will do some further visual research on that.

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